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  One on One Counselling

Built on the foundation of a Child and Youth Care approach, the Finding My Path program provides one on one counselling support to children and youth who are struggling with anxiety, depression, family or interpersonal conflict, trauma, bullying, the impact from childhood abuse/sexual abuse/ACEs, as well as overall social, emotional, and mental wellness.  From a strength-based and trauma informed approach, the Finding My Path program engages children and youth through activity to help them identify their own strengths, develop curiosity and confidence in learning about themselves, and, ultimately, connect with a more positive sense of self.

Hiking, bike riding, spending time with animals, listening to music, arts and crafts, board games, snowshoeing, yoga, and guided meditations are some examples of the different therapeutic actvities.  Please also visit the Gallery page for more.


Family Counselling                              

The Finding My Path program offers family counselling and parenting support to parents, caregivers, and families who are struggling with conflict, coping with mental health, addiction, special needs, and/or generational trauma, and to those who are feeling overwhelmed with parenting stress and burnout.  

With a comprehensive understanding of child development, family systems, and the impact of trauma as it relates to behaviour and relationships, the Finding My Path program uses an Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) aproach and integration of psycho-education when working with families.  A strong focus on activities and time spent within a family's LifeSpace is used to support family members in increasing their understanding and empathy towards each other, identifying their own and each others' strengths,  as well as building upon their capacity to communicate in healthier and more effective ways.


 Sessions: 60 minutes

Schedule: Dependant on therapy goals/client choice


Fees: $90 per session 

*coverage availabe through the Crime Victim's Assitance Program (CVAP)

*coverage avaialble through the Autism Funding Unit 


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